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Made to last, from little until large!

Our MINI bloomers fit, on average, from 3 - 6 months.


Our LITTLE bloomers fit, on average,

from 6 (approximately 15lbs) - 24 months*

Our TODDLER bloomers fit, on average, from 2-3 years.



Mini waist   35cm. Leg. 20cm

Little   39cm.  Leg. 24cm

Toddler.  40cm.  Leg. 25cm




We have tried and tested them on an abundance of babies and toddlers!


While we know that all babies are unique in size - the style of our bloomers means that in the younger months they are comfortably

loose and as they grow, the elastic allows for your baby to fit in nicely without restricting them as they explore the world, learn to roll, crawl and eventually start to walk. As children grow, they naturally become longer and leaner in shape and the bloomers again, adjust to suit their growing bodies; due to the elastic nature of both the waist and legs - making them amazing value.

Take a look at some of our little bloomer range in action in the pictures below - these bloomers are all the same size! 

Our skirts and soldier shorts are designed to fit, on average, from 3-4 years. They are both made with an elasticated waist and therefore this age can vary depending on the child and the length that you wish the items to be.